Hair Extensions

This is what many women dream of: long, thick healthy hair flowing down to their shoulders in gentle waves. Until now, only few women have had this dream come true because their own hair is only rarely capable of coping with the strains it is exposed to during all the years it needs to grow. One of the purposes of Great Lengths is to remedy this matter: our system offers all women the opportunity to make this dream come true!

Hair Highlights

Hair Highlights Full: $110 – $200 Corrective Hair Color: $120 & up


Prices Range Between $40.00 – $45.00 Deep Conditioning Mask Prices Range Between $25.00 – $40.00

Permanent Hair Straightening

Yuko Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening No more curly, wavy, frizzy hair. Say hello to silky, shiny, straight hair forever! The Japanese Yuko Permanent Hair Straightening takes 4-5 hours. With chemical smells low and excitement high, and processed small sections of hair at a time. The stylists takes detailed notes on the health and color for future maintenance. Since Yuko Japanese permanent hair straightening never loses its straighteness, you simply return for two or three touch ups a year.

Hair Color

Colored hair has always been a fashion statement. Gentle hair color We use L’Oreal Professional and Wella hair care products Highlighting – A Vogue Anyone with brown, black, blonde, permed or straight hair can highlight their hair. If your hair colour is med to light brown, add glints of buttery gold throughout your hair or on just a few strands. If your hair is black, try some warm chocolate highlights or soft chestnut highlights. Decide exactly where you want highlights to accentuate your hairstyle – the top of the head, a few tendrils on the sides, all over the head or just the bangs. Colored hair requires special care. Follow these tips to keep your hair looking great. Use a shampoo created especially for color-treated hair, and use dep conditioner once a week. Then leave on for 5 minutes. Dont brush hair when wet; use a wide-toothed comb.


Relaxer/Perms: from $90 and up Long hair or large amounts of hair is extra.

Feather Extensions

Featherhead, Feather Hair Extensions, are hand-selected, high quality, all-natural feathers. Yes, they are really feathers that look beautiful intertwined into your natural hair. Each featherhead Hair Extension is a one of a kind expression, just like you. So go ahead-express yourself!

Wedding & Bridal Hair

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want to look back on the perfect moment and remember looking beautiful. Hair Extensions by Vivien can make your hair look just the way you dreamed of for your wedding. Weddings are romantic affairs often planned and executed along traditional lines. The bride to be, often seeks a more formal setting for the big bridal day and the bride’s hair is a big part of the overall bridal look.

Color Corrections

At Hair Extensions by Vivien in Frisco, TX we offer hair color correction consultations. “Why do I need a consultation for my hair color” you ask? All hair is different and the path to beautiful hair is as varied as each individual client. There are no “one plan fits all” solutions when it comes to hair color corrections. You can trust Hair Extensions by Vivien to evaluated your current hair color, assess any damage to your hair and design a plan both to correct your current hair color and to bring back the natural beauty of your hair. Get the hair color you really want with Hair Extensions by Vivien. Call today for a hair color correction consultation.

Keratine Treatments

The keratin hair treatment straightens hair without damage. Using special protective formulas along with beneficial fats, keratin hair treatment restores damaged hair by keeping the external keratin layer of the hair moisturized. This prevents cracking and splitting. This process allows you the straight, flowing hair you always dreamed of without the damage that the older hair straighteners were often known for. The keratin hair treatment straightens hair but because it is a clear formula will not affect hair color. All types of hair can benefit from the keratin hair straightening treatment including curly, wavy, dry or damaged hair. Get this exclusive keratin hair straightening treatment at Hair Extensions by Vivien in Frisco, TX.

5 Google Reviews

I've been going to Vivien's Vogue Hair Salon since the beginning of my college years. Now 7 years later, I still only go to her for my hair needs, be it full color, high/low lights, extensions, keratin treatment, to simple cut, shampoo and style. I love how she styles my hair so much that I literally would rather let my hair grow out like weed and birdnest than have anyone else do my hair. She's honest and though will accommodate any hair style request, she will tell you if it actually suits your hair quality or not, so I trust her input. Her techniques in hair extensions are superb! My latest extension and color matching looks awesome to the point that people think they're my actual natural hair (oh I wish). You won't be disappointed with her service. Be realistic in your expectations, you walk out with beautiful hair, now it's up to you to maintain it if you're skillful... If like me you're not, then it's imperative to keep her phone number handy for the hair rescue; I'm just very glad that Vivien from Vogue Hair Extensions Salon in Frisco Texas is a Great Lengths Platinum Certified Salon. My hair is safe ❤️❤️❤️

-Sunflowers Everywhere!
a month ago-

THE BEST!!! Vivien's expertise as both a Great Lengths Platinum Stylist and talent as a master colorist makes her the absolute best in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She really takes the time to explain the difference between one type of hair extension over another, and customizes styles to meet both the aesthetic and budgetary needs of her clients. She truly invests in her clients, and, in turn, is worth investing in on a long-term basis. When Vivien puts in my Great Lengths extensions, they last six months or more, whereas when other other stylists have done them they only last half as long and don't look nearly as good! Her years of training, coupled with two decades of experience make her the owner of the premier Great Lengths Platinum Salon in the metroplex, hands down. I highly recommend her to everyone whenever I am complimented on my hair, which is quite often! Her ability to perfectly match the color of my hair with the extensions, and style it in the most flattering manner, makes me look and feel at least 10 years younger! The atmosphere of her salon is relaxing and luxurious. Vivien does everything from shampooing to styling, giving me one-on one attention, unlike the crowded, snobby salons throughout this area. I feel pampered and spoiled after a visit to Vivien!

-Heather Tomlin
2 months ago-

I came to Vivien crying because I had an ugly haircut and I was supposed to be at an award ceremony the next week. My hair was so short and I was extremely upset. I googled hair extensions and her name came up. I went to her and she fixed my hair to the point that people can't even tell that I have hair extensions in my hair. I had one friend ask me to show her the extension because she didn't believe it. I highly recommend her.

-The Girl That Made It All
2 months ago

I decided to take a dive and change my look. I've wanted long hair since I was a kid, but it just wouldn't grow out. When I called for an appointment, Vivien took care of me right away. She corrected my color and added tons of length and volume. It's gorgeous. It made me look and feel younger, and people can't stop commenting about how petty my hair is. I would highly recommend treating yourself to some gorgeousness from Vivien!

-Becky Rey
3 months ago

I am going through hormonal changes and my fine hair has thinned out so much. My color was a mess. It was ashy, faded, and the wrong color for highlights for me. It made me look tired and older. Vivien color corrected my hair on the first try! Vogue Hair Extensions Salon is a Premier Platinum Certified Partner with Great Lengths. Vivien is amazing and is also a Master Color Specialist. My hair has a warm tone now and it exactly matches the color. I look 15 years younger, and have come back to life!! Vivien is a true professional and you will look amazing after seeing her! She did exactly what I asked for with the extensions and color. I love my hair now!! She has a convenient location and is in a private, boutique salon that is so beautiful! I highly recommend Vivien.

-Jen White
3 months ago

I've been getting my haircut and color with Vivien since 2002. She's the best in color! And my daughter had hair extension (Great Length) for a year with Vivien and with great care her own natural hair was 100% healthier than it ever was before extensions! I'll admit I tried going to other hair salons because of gift cards from friends and was disappointed every time and had to come back in tears to have Vivien fix the mistakes other hair salons did to my hair. I wouldn't trust anybody else with my hair. She has had extensive training with Toni & Guy and Great Hair Length and continues training with both, I know I'm in good hands.

-Lisa Magill
a year ago

I've been seeing Vivien for almost 2 years now! I have super fine and short hair ( I get the great lengths extensions (18inch). Vivien does a phenomenal job... She always makes my hair look so natural and matches the color perfectly! They usually last up to 5 months and don't do any damage to my hair! Definitely would recommend her to anyone needing quality extensions and color!

-Fly Burd
a year ago

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